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When does the team practice?2020-01-29T19:08:08+00:00

We practice every Sunday evening for two hours between 8:15pm and 10:15pm.  Usually we practice on the same ice pad of our twin pad rink every week, which is usually pad 2.  Occasionally training can be moved to Pad 1, if this happens we contact all or members through our private facebook group.

If there a minimum age to join the team?2020-01-29T19:09:58+00:00

Yes, because of child protection legislation we only accept players eighteen or over.

Do I need to register to practice with the team?2020-01-29T19:13:18+00:00

Yes, It is a requirement that all players that take to the ice are registered with the E.I.H.A. The annual registration cost is £60, this includes registration with the E.I.H.A and insurance.

Can I register for the Blazers if I already play for another team?2020-01-29T19:15:15+00:00

Yes,  The E.I.H.A allows players to register for up to 3 recreational hockey teams.

Can woman to play for your team?2020-01-29T19:16:23+00:00

Yes, we welcome all genders to our team.

Do you play in any league’s or tournaments?2020-01-29T20:52:27+00:00

Annually we try to enter into at least one season long league or cup tournament, plus one specific tournament event, which is either in the UK or abroad.

Do I need full equipment to practice?2020-01-29T20:54:14+00:00

Yes, in order to be fully covered on your E.I.H.A insurance that is provided with your registration you must wear full protective equipment whilst on the ice.

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